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We strongly encourage you to review the following benefits of our Shopping Cart, especially the Security Notes and the Technology Notes.

Understanding our Shopping Cart

Unlike many products sold on the Internet, card prices and availability are very volatile and it is impossible to maintain high inventories at stable, quoted prices. This is why we always confirm your order, prior to charging your credit card or asking you to mail a check/money order.

What our shopping cart provides:

The same product search forms that you are already familiar with.

An easy-to-use method of selecting products and placing them in a cart, rather than having to write them down so you could later enter them into an order form box, as we've done before.

An easy way to review your purchases and prices at any time, by the click of a button.

A nice looking summary of your requested items in a receipt format with an assigned order number so that you can print it immediately for reference, if you wish.

An immediate email confirmation that your order has been entered into our system.

A SECURE way to provide us with your ENTIRE credit card number when you place your order. You no longer have to use the same credit card as before, and no longer have to call us first to place that credit card on file.

A "Comments" box to allow you to provide any personal messages regarding your order, as you've been able to do with the previous system.

The use of modern Internet Technologies (JavaScript, Cookies, Stylesheets). You must have Javascript enabled for a pleasant shopping experience. See TECHNOLOGY NOTES below.

IMPORTANT SECURITY NOTES: We have purchased a "digital certificate" which encrypts your submitted order information so that no intruder can see the information from the time it leaves your keyboard, reaches our server, and is displayed again on your screen. Your confirmation email is not encrypted and therefore the credit card information does not appear in it.

After selecting one of the four shopping links above, your browser will indicate that the session is secure. You will see "https://"  in the address line at the top of your browser. A padlock icon will appear on your browser's status bar to let you know that the page is secure. If you don't see the padlock, please advise us immediately via phone or email. It shouldn't happen. In such a situation, do NOT enter  your credit card information. You can use the "Check/Money Order" order form instead. Tell us what happened in the Comments box, and we'll call you for the credit card number.

IMPORTANT TECHNOLOGY NOTES: "Javascript" must be enabled in your browser to take advantage of several important navigation links, field validation on several important forms, and the implementation of "cookies". It is optional for your browser to accept cookies but this feature will enable us to remember your ordering information, making it much more productive when you fill out the forms in the future. "Stylesheets" support is also optional but it makes the shopping cart pages much more cosmetically appealing.