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   Ordering Policies & Terms   

1. Payment Methods

MasterCard/VISA/Discover are accepted with no fee. NOTE: We only ship to your Billing Address. If you require shipment to a different address (e.g. work), the alternate address must be on file with your credit card company for security purposes. We can explain how to do this if necessary.

Money orders and check are also accepted. If paying by check, we must wait a minimum of 14 days for the check to clear before we can ship.

2. Shipping Charges

Generally, we add $8.00 for the 1st item and $1.50 for each additional item (assuming UPS Ground shipment in the continental U.S.). NOTE: Certain heavy items like 250ct 9-Pocket Pages or 2001 Topps Factory Sets may require additional shipping charges while lighter items like certain update sets or singles may require less. Our Shopping Cart provides a good estimate of UPS Ground Charges automatically!

3. Sales Tax

Pennsylvania residents will be charged 6% sales tax. This will be calculated for you by the Shopping Cart. If you have tax exempt status, please contact us in order to fill out the appropriate forms.

4. Quantity Discounts

We try to offer our products at the lowest price we can at all times. However, at times, we can offer an additional discount for larger orders. Please e-mail us with the specific product(s) you are interested in and the approximate number that you are interested in purchasing.

5. Price Changes

We reserve the right to change prices due to market conditions, although we do try to keep our prices as stable as possible. NOTE: Once we have confirmed an order with you, you are locked into that price (regardless of sell-outs or future price changes).

6. Allocations

Also, we do not allocate! If we confirm an order, we will deliver. On hot products, you will not hear excuses about our sources not delivering, etc. Even if they fail us, we will still acquire the product for you!

7. How To Order

Please use the Shopping Cart or contact us by phone at 215-675-2813. Our Shopping Cart is easy to use and has detailed instructions at every step. It will automatically calculate shipping charges (for normal delivery through UPS) and any applicable sales tax. If you prefer or require shipment through the Postal Service, or if you require faster shipping like 2-Day Air through UPS, please indicate your preferences under Shipping Method Special Request.

When utilizing our Shopping Cart, you will receive an automated acknowledgement that your order request was received. Please note that your order is not yet guaranteed at this point. We will review your request and assuming there are no problems, send an official e-mail confirmation of your order. At this time, if you chose to pay by check or money order, we will need to receive your payment within 9 days. If you chose to pay by credit card, we will enter your order into our system immediately and ship right away (or as released in the case of a pre-order).

If there are any problems filling your order request, or if we have any questions about any part of the order request, we will contact you as well. Therefore, if you have not heard from us within 24 hours of submitting your order request, please contact us again to make sure we received it.

NOTE: It is extremely important that you provide an accurate e-mail address on the order form. Please do not use someone else's e-mail account or they will get our confirmation, not you.